Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Nothin's a matter with your head baby, find it!

Oh hello there lovelies! I swear you get more gorgeous every time I see you! <3 

This lovely panda above was one of the first things to greet me when I logged on and goodness he's so cuuuuuutes! So naturally I had to go get him at The Gallery Gift Shop 3rd anniversary hunt! Giving creature that I am, I then felt compelled to share him with all of you! ^_^ There are crazy amounts of gifts there and if you have a spare minute I really advise dropping in! Designers have filled it with their hunt items and super affordable lovely things which are very worth a look.

Come and get your love! <3


Statue - Chariot @ TGGS Onwards statue (0L) 

Tree & stool - Kalopsia @ TGGS The White Queen set (0L)

Panda - Naminoke @ TGGS Oke & Sasabune (0L)

Apricots - MishMish Little Apricot (0L vip group gift)

Tongue - Down Down Down @ TGGS DDD Tongue 3rd anniversary (0L)

Top - Chocolate Atelier @ TGGS Maude green (0L)

Skirt - Ninety Skirt bow Strippe Pink (5L cupcake anonymous hunt)

Sneakers - Razor @ TGGS Dethbow Sneaker single pink (0L)