Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Meow, It's Free*Style!

  Hi guys!!!!  I have a quick post today and it's pretty bright in color because I am trying to cheer myself up because spring is coming so if you get migraines or whatever just like shield your eyes for a second.  Heh.
  Anywaaaaay!  Some freebie goodness for you today.  This dress is from Catnip Loveotomy (that name is quite a mouthful, eh?) and is totally free.  The hair is From LCKy and is I think 2L if I remember correctly :P and is a hunt item in the store which is so easy to find I think you might have serious issues if you don't find it within a minute of rezzing.
  My skin is sadly not available yet BUT will be available at Skin Fair once it opens.  It's from Jalwa, a store which really needs more exposure.  The store does lots of appliers, style, and tone from lightest to darkest so everyone can find something they need.  Get your wallet filled because Skin Fair is going to be emptying it once the doors open.
free style post_002
Dress: Catnip Loveotomy, free
Hair: LCKY, hunt prize, 2L
Skin: Jalwa @ Skin Fair (not available YET, slurl soon)
Eyes: Avi-Glam, free
Pose: Creame