Friday, 14 March 2014

Clap along

Because I'm happy! ^_^

Hello loveliest of the lovelies! In case the picture doesn't give it away, I've been thoroughly consumed by my gacha addiction! This pose set is from Nantra @ Luck of the Irish and as soon as they sent the notice out I had to do a lil happy dance. It's too fitting that the name is "Gimme my *%&*$! Rare" as you order the machine to do exactly that. Yay for widespread gacha addiction! ^_^ This adorable etch-a-sketch is also from the Luck of the Irish fair but from Geek (as if the funny cute didn't give it away). There's so much there so hurry hurry! I also wanted to mention (in case you somehow missed it) that The Arcade is going full steam! It's at that lovely spot where you can get into the sim on the first try but we're also halfway through so make sure you drop in before it's gone and keep in mind if you have group space that trading is amazing for the Arcade! Everything is in the credits! Have an amazing weekend and go crazy on the gachas! <3


Pose & props - Nantra @ Luck of the Irish Gimme my *%&*$! rare 1 (50L gacha)

Mask - Geek @ Luck of the Irish Slacker's Etch-a-sketch blue (50L gacha)

Outfit - Sn@tch Just Peachy (0L Fish for this)

Shoes - Ninety March heels (0L group gift fee to join group)

Hair - Clawtooth @ The Arcade Girl Trouble Wheat (75L gacha)

Horns - Half Deer @ The Arcade Aventine horns Sakura (50L)

Skin - Glam Affair @ The Arcade Aria 5 (100L gacha - includes appliers!)