Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Free Pu...Never Mind, I Won't Finish That Perverted Title

  KittyCats has a free cat out to celebrate their birthday.  Well, two gifts actually!!  The first one, the girl cat, you can get just by going to the store and clicking on the girl cake.  Voila, free cat!
  The second cat, the boy cat, you have to work a bit more to find.  What you need to do first is click the boy cat cake to get a landmark to your first destination.  When you get to the first spot you have to look for a birthday cake that looks just like the one at the KittyCats store, just a lot smaller.  Once you find it you can click it to get the LM to the next location.  Once you have clicked all the cakes (there are 17 I think, if I remember correctly) you can then go back to the KittyCats main store, click the boy cat cake again, and get your boy cat.
kittycats birthday_010

 Some of the locations are pretty hard, not going to lie, so you might want to take a friend with you to help or ask in KittyCats group chat, etc.
  Each cat comes with one week's worth of food.  Once the food runs out you will need to buy more food, buy a potion to make it into a permanent pet, let it get sick and it will turn into a cat in a little blanket with a thermometer, delete it, or keep it in your inventory for whatever reason.  If you keep them fed in a couple weeks they will have a baby together and you will have a third cat.  Woo!
  Get started at the KittyCats main store HERE.