Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dirty Dirty

EDIT: I forgot to add links to the free skin earlier so the credits are below now.  Sorry!
   I'm doing two posts in one day?  It's been a long time since that happened.  When I started blogging I posted so much, I think I did like 13 posts in a day one time.  People were annoyed.  Yeah.  Anyway, years later I blog much less frequently but when I find stuff I think would make a fun look, like this dirty tattoo layer, I just have to pop in and post.
  I should start off saying that this tattoo layer from Roffo's Recycling has some major seam issues so I fixed them post-process.  If you are using it for photos, like I am, or for silly fun, etc. then you won't really care but if you are using it for pictures and don't do any editing then watch out for that.  Either way, it's 0L so it can't hurt to try it out. :P
  There are more free things in this post so check out the details below.  I have RL mommy things to do and my free time is ending very quickly, haha.  I'm sure many of you understand. :P  Details below!
Tattoo Layer Dirt: Roffo's Recycling, 0L
Shirt: Mimosa, 10L
Eyes: Avi-Glam, 0L
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, very old and sculpted but I still love it. :P
Shape: Sacrelicious, 79L
Cigarette: Old Free*Style freebie by Creamy, I don't think it's available anymore
Skin: Elysium, group gift in store (has been there for a while but still there when I last checked.)