Friday, 24 January 2014

At Laaaaaaaaast

My love has come along

Hello all you lovely ones! I had to go with the classic Etta James version for this one (sorry Queen B!) cause how do you not? If my frequent forgetting-of-putting-on-shoes in posts hasn't tipped you off, I'm sadly not one the crazy-shoe-love girls. *Hands over her Sex & The City card cause she doesn't like cosmos either* I am completely gone on poses though and NanTra has filled the N-shaped hole in my heart left by the closing of Nani Poses. My Attic opened this week and my poses are NanTra's offerings, cause while I might not be a shoe-aholic they are so cutes!!!! There's lots there and everything is a crazy sale of 95L so hurry hurry and slap the subscribo for a really cute slink nail hud!

Also run to ViVi and grab their monthly subscribo gift while you can! They recently made a change where you can't access all past group gifts so hurry and get this elegant white dress before it disappears!



Babydoll - Mimi's Boutique Mimi's Doll Dress (0L)

Poses w shoes - NanTra @ My Attic

Dress - ViVi Classy Lacy dress White (0L subscribo monthly gift)

Hair - Ploom @ My Attic Lynette Indecisive (95L)