Friday, 13 December 2013

Follow This

  OK so I am having weird computer problems and when  was trying to take a fancy picture of this table I kept crashing. Sad face. :(  The best I could do was this picture so ignore the not as awesome as could be quality. :P  I just really liked it and wanted to share it.
  This table is part of the bells hunt at the RFL holiday Christmas Expo sim that goes on through the 15th.  I don't know where to find item previews, and the items are 10L each, so if you go just know that the items are truly surprises, haha!  The 10L goes to charity, BTW, so it's worth it if you get a few you don't like mixed in with the good stuff. :P
  There is more to this table that isn't shown because, well, boom crash, there goes SL, etc.  On the bottom of it is a little rug attached with a gift box, bag, and teddy bear on it.  Adorable.
follow us_003
Find this item at Follow Us on the Wonder RFL sim.  Hints and Slurls HERE.