Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent Calendars galore!!!

Hello all! So I should've posted this yesterday (bad Barbie) but you still have 24 days of Advent goodies you can get if you go now! ^_^

My hair is part of the Alice Project advent calendar which changes at 3pm SLT every day so you still have about two hours after I post this to get it! Lotsa colors and more glitter so yay! Hopscotch is on their day 2 and so far both gifts are as amazingly cute as you'd expect. I'm showing today's gift which comes with different house options for your broom color! Pay the Calendar 1L and it will give you that day's gift. Finally Sway's is making a game out of their advent calendar! You go on a hunt for stars and each star gives you a different password. You then bring that password to the presents around the tree and voila! Gifty! Above are yesterday's and today's gifts and you can hunt for the first 12 cards to save time later. Yay! Back to making grabby hands at everything I see! ^_^


hair - Alice Project Aphrodite Frosted Blonde (0L Dec 1st advent gift)

Pose w broom - Hopscotch Me & Broomy (1L Dec 2nd Advent gift)

Cookie tray/candles - Sway's Tray with Cocoa and Cookies (0L Dec 1st advent gift) and Candleholder with candles frost & noel (0L Dec 2nd advent gift)

Hat & Mittens - 8f8 @ the Arcade Lady Cow secret (50L gacha)

Boots - NS - cutie store Winter Boots (1L group gift)