Saturday, 2 November 2013

Love at first sight

I love events and fairs. I always go back again and again and mourn them when they're over. I'm pretty positive that about 95% of the stores I really love love love I discovered either by attending a fair/event or by doing a hunt. This post includes my new discoveries and just yay for having found them! ^_^

The zombie girl skin I'm showing above is from Birdy and oh mai but I'm in love with that store now! They have a VIP group which is a very reasonable 50L to join and have this new zombie girl skin set out with all the appliers alongwith another skin, make-up and an adorable lil birdy buddy. I found Birdy at the Enchanted event which opened yesterday. The event will happen every 3 months and feature a different fairytale theme each time which is so very exciting! This time around is Snow White and I really reccomend stopping by if you get a chance! The necklace I'm wearing is from House of Rain which they set out at their section of Enchanted as a gift! Yays! ^_^ My somewhat naughty outfit is a TDPH2 hunt gift from Imp Tail and comes with and without appliers. Imp Tail is taking part in several hunts so look around carefully while you're there!

I'm usually not one for facial piercings but this one is surprisingly cute and I can't seem to resist it! Cute Poison has the Legion Piercing set for their MM and a quick slap of it while you're hunting around will have you set. Phew! Time to jump back into the hunting game! Enjoy and hope to see you all out there! ^_^


Skin 1&2 - Birdy Zombie girl & Brooke - pure (0L group gifts 50L to join group)

Hair - Rumina Alyssa (0L anniversary group gift) (originally shown here)

Necklace - House of Rain @ Enchanted First Last and Always (0L gift!)

Piercing - Cute Poison Legion piercings (0L MM)

Outfit - Imp Tail Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (0L TDPH2 gift)

Poses - Purple Poses Sara & Caterina (0L past gift)