Friday, 15 November 2013

I need a hero!

Oh wait... I'm the hero now! Mwahahaha! >.> Well that laughter was decidedly un-hero like.... My burgeoning inner super-villainess aside....

Hawk Girl to the rescue! The Super Boobies hunt is taking place at the KaTnipZ WoNdeRLanD sim with so many lovely stores taking part! Check out the website for prize previews and hints. Now it's off to either stop crime or start it.... maybe Two Face will lend me his coin..... ^_^


Outfit w boots&wings - Beautiful Dirty Rich @ KaTnipZ Hawkwoman (5L)

Hair - Alice Project @ The Thrift Shop Steph Extreme Red w green glitter streaks (175L)

Speech Bubble - Monso My Speech Bubble Bang (75L gacha)

Pose #1 - HelaMiyo @ Shop Free*Style The Way is Up (0L)

Pose #2 - Exposeur Ghost #1 (past Oh My Gacha)