Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I am a Unicorn

Hello all! As you can probably guess, I'm really more of a pink girl at heart, so while I will miss the horror fun of Halloween it's nice to wear pink again! I may have gone a little too far down the pink path but really, can you ever have enough pink? Didn't think so. ^_^

My outfit is part of the hunt going on at Ricielli and though it's past Halloween, there's still time to go find the ghosts you want! Plus if past hunts are any indication the items will likely be put out in the hunt corner when the hunt is done. Yay for leeway during these busy times! My hair is the super cute Popscotch from Analog Dog and comes in a bunch of fun colors. There are extra styles included and they are all completely free! Nore anticipated my pink love needs and kindly set out this completely free spinning pink heart and a quick stop at the DL @ marketplace shop gave me a heart for my face too! It's a known truth that polar bear cubs are drawn to pink unicorns, as you can see by the two adorable lil guys who came for a cuddle! Thanks to Birdy for sending them my way! Ah the pink cuddles! ^_^


Top/Pants - Ricielli Mini top Hunt #5/Highwaisted Riding Leather pants Hunt #13 (15L each and they come with additional colors)

Hair - Analog Dog Popscotch Splash (0L freeball)

Polar cubs/Skin - Birdy Snow Cub VIP gift/Brooke Pure (1L vip group gift each)

Heart - Nore Spinny Heart <3 (0L)

Heart Tattoo - DL @ marketplace Cutie heart face tattoo (0L)

Blush - The Sugar Garden Kawaii Anime Blush (0L)

Necklace - =^.^=MS=^.^= Necklace Cute (0L The Dirty Turkey Hunt)

Unicorn horn/ears - +Half Deer+ Sweet Dreams Unicorn set Cupcake (75L gacha)

Pose - oOo Studios Alphabet U (25L gacha past arcade)