Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sort of Natural I Guess?

OMG I have no time on SL ever these days!!!  I miss posting so freaking much!!  In order to make sure I get this post done there shall be minimal chatting.  Credits below!
sorta nature
Hair: Calico, lucky chair prize.  Not sure if this is old or not, I just won it while I was there shopping.  More colors included!
Flowers in Hair: Liliskins, hunt gift.  Also includes GORGEOUS skins, not shown.
Lipstick: Adore&Abhor, VIP gift in notices, two colors included.
Skin: Essences
Frogbit: Beetlebones, was for Wizarding Fair which is over now.
Eyes: Avi-Glam, 0L on Marketplace
Pose: Marukin, shop currently closed, be back soon