Sunday, 27 October 2013

Monster Mash!

Hello everyone! I was fortunate enough to attend a party last night! A little early for Halloween parties but I had just finished the Halloween Pumpkin hunt taking place at Axix, Una, Tenacio and other stores on sim, so it seemed like fate! I was a little nervous since the invitation was delivered anonymously but what's the worst that could happen right? Hey wait a minute.... do those guys look a little... undead to you?

Darn it I knew this might one day happen! Better run!

These guys are pretty fast.. I must have remembered a weapon along with all these Halloween goodies right?

Now's my chance. I should shoot I really should. Except he isn't trying to get me... and it almost sounds like he's saying truce. Hmmmm....

It happens very rarely but I must admit that this time I was wrong. It seems like these zombies really just wanted to party. After Halloween our war will continue but for now.... It's a proper Monster Mash! Here's to hoping all of your Halloween parties were as unexpectedly delightful as mine! ^_^


Pose #1 - Hopscotch @ Shop Free*stlye Free*Style Dollarbie (1L)

Zombie poses/Wings/Necklace - Axix Zombie Run/Shot/Friend (0L zombie hunt) Dark Angel Wings/Halloween Necklace (0L Halloween sim hunt gift)

Bra/Corset/Mask - Una Halloween lingerie (0L subscribo gift) Corset/Mask (0L Halloween sim hunt)

Skin - Mother Goose Miranda (1L)

Skirt - Pop Tart Halloween Skirt (0L Spooky Hunt - ends today!)

Halloween Bag - Tenacio (0L group gift - there's a whole wall of em!)

Shoes - Isis Bellic Boo Bunny Ballet Shoe (0L Boo Bunny 2 hunt hidden forest sponsor gift -hunt ending soon!)