Saturday, 19 October 2013

H is for...

HALLOWEEN!!!! You may not have noticed, but some of us are getting a teensy bit excited for Halloween and - thankfully - creators are just as much in the spooky spirit. PopTart is holding a Spooky Hunt until October 25th so you have a lil under a week to find the 8 bats! A warning, there were a bunch of us in store who couldn't find #6 so it may have been eaten.

I'm also wearing one of the pay-what-you-want Halloween items from Wicked Nights Nerdy Needs. You need to have the group tag active but it is free to join. That's all for now; I'm off to find out what the number of the day is.... ^_^


Skirt, Sneakers, Hairbow and bracelets - PopTart (0L spooky hunt)
Shirt - Wicked Nights Nerdy Needs Jack-o-lanter Tee (pay what you want)
Hair - Ploom Camilla Streak (200L)
Pose/letter - oOo Studios @ the arcade (25L gacha, event over)