Sunday, 16 June 2013

GachaYa Goodies

I have a million things from GachaYa that I want to show but my internet is being weird so here are just a few.  Gachya is a whole room of gacha machines that are only 1L a try!  Apparently all or almost all of it is original mesh and sculpts too, which is even better.  Most of the stuff is housewares, which I have no use for since I gave up my land, but I still like to collect it anyway. :P  There are also lucky boards and free stuff too!  Enjoy. :D
All items from GachaYa, 1L per try gacha machines
*Some of the photos in the rack are from Topaz, Weronika and Isabelli because I love those gals. :P
**Thank you Cyclic for telling us about this place on Plurk!