Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pink and Black

  So I love pink and sweet.  I also like dark and gloomy.  So sue me.  Haha!  To get a fix on the dark and gloomy side you can go to World Goth Fair, an event to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and find about a bazillion amazing things.  One thing I am just about obsessed with is the t-shirt gacha.  Almost every time you see a band t-shirt in SL the "creator" in SL does NOT have permission and selling it in SL is, actually, a crime.  BUT at Goth Fair they have fully licensed material!  This means I can wear this Crüxshadows shirt and not feel bad. :D There are a whole bunch of bands, for male and female, at only 40L a try. YAY!
  My hair is a group gift from Action Hair.  The join fee is soooo worth it since I think they have given out a hair just about every month since I joined and that was quite a while ago.  You also get group only offers and such occasionally too.  Sweet!  
  More details below.
Shirt: World Goth Fair, 40L per try gacha, charity donation item, at the landing point
Hair: Action Hair, 1L for group members, 250L join fee, another color included
Skin/Makeup: Nuuna's
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Tattoo: Heart Attack & Vine, no longer available I don't think