Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Return of the Killer Bunneh

Welllll hellllooo there! I'm not sure how many of you might remember my shenanigans on Free*Style back in the day, but they were many and they were good times. I got away from blogging for a few reasons, the biggest of which is completely inexcusable (*cough* a man *cough*). He hated me blogging, and for some reason I listened to that nonsense. Well, I washed that man right out of my hair quite some time ago and found that I never lost my love for SL fashion and documenting such fashion-y shenanigans. I finally got the virtual cojones to ask Creamy and Eden to blog again and they welcomed me back with open arms. Huzzah!  ILU guys.  I've missed this.
Please bear with me as I relearn how to photograph and blog again. It's apparently not like riding a bike, but I'm furiously looking at tutorials and hopefully will be confident enough to take more shots soon. My fantastic partner Marth was kind enough to hold still for a few minutes to shoot this and look badass while doing so, in typical Marth style.  Of course, I couldn't find anything free that he'd find acceptable in the few minutes I had free to shoot this, but challenge accepted, dude.  It's on, and I'll drag him out for more shots when I find some yummies.

On Adaire:
Outfit: Etchaflesh "Twisted Easter Bunny" - this includes the bunny ears, neck corset, corset, shorts, and leggings with shooz and it's FREE. Just look for the bunneh.
Ring: Noodles Bunny ring (silver) - part of the Sewing Circle hunt for tonight and tomorrow only.
Skin: Izzie's Asia skin (Light) - my FAVORITE skin from Skin Fair, which ends tomorrow! I'll be showing a lot more of this skin in posts to come, as I can't take it off! It comes with tons of options for lipsticks and eyeshadows, and includes a nail base which makes my life blissfully easier (not free but awesome).
Nails: Virtual/Insanity Mesh Square Nails (previous group gift)
Hair: Ploom Stephie - not free BUT Ploom is taking part in the Sewing Circle hunt - I picked up two adorables styles for free today!
Knife: BC322 Butterfly knife (not free and inspired by the sexy Whisper Mizin)

Pose: F*cking Ninjas "Assassin Lovers" couples pose (only $50L and they have fun easter themed poses free at their shop that I couldn't talk Marth into showing, lol.)

On Marth:
Jacket: R3VOLT Mesh Hooded Vest V2 (This label is the creative collaboration between three people I have come to know and love through my time in the City of Lost Angels, Scarlet Singer, Dunia Erin, and Gensa Jameson. They make incredible MEN'S clothing (zomg, dudes can quit their QQ) and women's for super reasonable prices. Marth the ever picky loved the HUD this came with and the detailing on the jacket.)
Jeans: =Razorblade Jacket= Jaw Breaker jeans
Gloves: TonkTastic Protective Gloves
Sunglasses: Gos
Watch: Blitzed Legacy Watch (black/male)
Bracers: Deco Mesh Nomad Vambrace (Gravel)
Skin: Body Co. Hunter (Tan)