Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jill at Sakide

Sakide has this mesh suit in two colors for the Jack or Jill hunt out right now.  Me gusta!  It comes in the standard sizes so you know what to expect, fit wise.  Follow the hint that the board gives you and it's super easy to find.
jack or jill at sakide_004
My skin is new from Cupcakes and I love it.  It's not free but there is always some kind of good deal happening there.  My necklace is from Hate Me and Eat Me, a store that has mesh releases pretty regular and is quite underrated, in my opinion.  More details below!
Pants and Vest: Sakide, hunt gift
Skin: Cupcakes
Necklace: Hate Me and Eat Me @ Couturier's Docks, not free and Limited quantities available!!
Shirt: DCNY (also includes a dress version)
Hair: Alice Project
Eyes: Al Vulo
Pose: Marukin