Saturday, 16 February 2013

Group, Shop, Blogger Updates

Hi guys!  Just wanted to make sure some of this information was out there since I have been getting lots of questions.

1. Yes, the Free*Style inworld group closed.  If you were ejected, it was not personal.  We sent many notices over a number of weeks about the inevitable closing and finally we had to eject the last few thousand people manually.  It was neither fun nor easy so please stop IMing me and swearing at me because you think I did it on purpose.  I promise I love you and wouldn't eject you for no reason. :)

2. The first Shop Free*Style location will be opening on February 27th.  I will be posting the list of designers involved shortly.

3.  There are no more apps accepted for this store; HOWEVER, the second branch of the shop will be opening in late March or early April and we will be accepting store apps for that branch A.S.A.P.

4.  We will no longer be accepting new bloggers to blog here at Free*Style unless you are already an established blogger or photographer who can commit to making posts several times a month, get a long with everyone already here and can contribute something new and fresh that we don't already have.  Speaking a second language is a plus.

OK, I think that covers all the questions we have been receiving lately.  Any other questions please feel free to IM me, Sileny Noel, or Eden Knoller.  If you feel more comfortable asking questions in Portuguese, Spanish, French, or Polish please see the link at the top of this blog for the appropriate person who would love to help you out. :D