Friday, 4 January 2013

Fashion Limited (Edition) sale items for you!

Fashion Limited- month long event where each item sold there
 is strictly limited to 50 or each item being sold, 
and each item is priced at 50% off!

I'm showing the Gizza Creations- Turtleneck Sweater in Plum
that is available for this months round of Fashion Limited, for only L$150.

This gorgeous, urban sweater can be worn a couple of different ways,
as I show here. It includes sweater on system top layer,
and assorted system and Mesh attachments and alpha layers.

If this sweater is sold out when you get there, don't fret!
There are tons of other items that you can snatch up before they sell out, 
but you might want to hurry!

I also had to show you the adorable little, It Dangles!
 lip piercing that I picked up at EllaBella for only L$1!

For the downlow on everythng else I'm wearing, please check out my own personal blog here.