Sunday, 16 December 2012

Freebs and Friends

I am trying to swoop in and show some good finds today before going back to being the busiest woman in the world.  OK, maybe not the busiest, but whatever.  Anyway, I got these cute frames by Barnesworth Anubis from the KityCats advent calendar so I decided to put some pictures of a few of my buddies in them.  Another KittyCats gift is the headband I am wearing from Qbee.
My dress is a With love hunt item from Sn@tch for 10L.  It also comes with several other colors and a sweater to wear underneath.  My Reindeer sweater is from Yulicie and can be found in two colors in the Hunting for Winter hunt for free.  My hair is an advent gift from Alice Project and is not free anymore since that day has passed.  You can, however, buy each of the gifts for 50L after their day has passed or wait until Christmas day when they will be back to an even lower price.
Dress: Sn@tch, 10L hunt item
Sweater: Yulicie, hunt gift
Hair: Alice Project @ Mint Tulip, past advent gift
Frames: Barnesworth Anubis advent calendar gift @ KittyCats
Headband: Qbee, advent gift @ KittyCats
Skin: Adore&Abhor