Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Celebrate the Season with KaTink!

The Holiday Season is fast upon us, and for many in SL, this means getting a little
bit stressed out trying to find the perfect setting to take photographs for ourselves
or to hand out to our friend's as little gifts.

Luckily, for me, I know of the store KaTink, and their amazing selections 
of backgrounds, poses, props, and anything else one would need
for the perfect holiday (and everyday) photos!

Also, KaTink has one of the best groups in all of SL!  Why? Because they offer not only
group discounts of up for 50% off all New Release purchases, but they also offer monthly
 Group Gifts! KaTink Group Gifts can easily picked up in the store- 
when you are ready to get them so, you won't miss out on them 
due to capped messages! Bonus! 

Group members also receive little gifts that are passed out in the group, as well. 
(Like past Group Gift of the Facial Expression HUD that I used 
for the smiles in my photos below!)

Here is just a taste of one of the fantastic Group Gifts that KaTink has on offer this month-
Christmas Cards Background Pack 2. 
This 10 pack of backgrounds has scenery that ranges from beautiful and serene, 
to whimsical and fun, to warm and inviting.

Use them to make cards with, to take blog photos with, or to give the perfect touch to those
end-of-the-year friends photo's! 

All poses featured above by KaTink