Sunday, 23 September 2012

A little free posing gem!

Tonight I was browsing on marketplace for HUDs, and was surprised to find a pose hud! That's right, 0L. I never thought that pose hud and free would ever be in the same sentence! This hud is called Kokopelli HUD. It is pretty simple, you just rez a copy onto the ground, drop in your poses of choice, and then take it back into your inventory.

For this post, I just put in 2 poses and named it "test", as you can see. My main image is actually three pictures combined.
On the far left of my image, that is how the hud looks like when you attach it. The center is me, in the pose that I selected. I will explain the far right when I explain the button functions, which is right under this. (By the way, my eye lock here is not included with the hud)

Free pose hud
Top button on the hud brings up the menu on the far right of the above image. In that menu, it is just as you see. You can select your pose this way. T-pose is just your regular pose that you find in most posing stands, similar to the stance in appearance mode.
Left and Right buttons allow you to go through your poses one at a time.
Center button turns the hud on and off. You would know it is on if you see the pose name above the top button as it is in my image.
Finally, the bottom button is said to lock your pose, so that if someone runs into you on a sim, you don't lose your pose. I haven't tested that because I don't shoot outside of my skybox. Onto the pros and cons now.

-It's free! No more old fashioned click to hide pose stands that eat prims that are the only free alternative.
-It's simple, and straightforward. Great for people who like to take pics.
-It has an appearance mode stance, which is great for postioning things and wanting to demo hairs, skins, etc.

-The hud is a little small in it's size on my screen (just my opinion so not really a real con)
-Every time you add or delete a pose from the hud, it is always asking for your permission. Say you have a set of 3 poses that you want to add. If you add them all at once, it will ask for your permission 3 separate times.
-It places itself a little off center on your screen. You can probably try to fix that but I didn't want to lose the hud, just in case.

I know, that was a lot of writing, but the pros outweigh the cons, and it is a pretty amazing for a free pose hud. Check it out for yourself here!

-Hair: Truth Hair - Rhonda
-Skin: My UglyDorothy - Precious (black)
-Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Darkest Browns - Black (2)
-Top: Sleeping Koala (FabFree hunt gift, available until Sept. 30)
-Jeans: Cracked Mirror - Mambo Jeans - grey (mesh)
-Pose: Frooti - Sweet - 5