Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Reminds Me of the Genetic Opera

Because my husband liked this photo and because it reminds me a bit of Repo! The Genetic Opera I have a post for you!  I meant to do this much earlier but there was a power outage in my neighborhood and I couldn't get on to blog. :(  Some of the stuff is very limited time in its cheapness because of that but it's all good stuff either way!
shreveport tests two_002
Latex Clothing, Eyes and Gas Mask: Sn@tch,  part of the current 7Seas fishing outfit ENDS TODAY, as in any moment now so don't get mad if it's changed by the time you get there.  There will be a new outfit to replace it, as usual.***
Hair: Alli&Ali, free for a limited time on Marketplace (might have been blogged already, I can't recall)
Apron: Apponos @ Summer by the Sea Gacha Festival, 40L per try
Barrels: Neurolab Inc. @ Marketplace, 1L
Skin: Adore&Abhor 
Collar and Undershirt: Blue Blood, part of a dress
***Find more information about 7Seas fishing HERE because it can be sort of complicated