Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Last Call on the Retro Swap Meet

Today is the last day of the Retro Swap Meet being held on The Wash Sim. The event has gone over very well, I just sadly had a lot of RL to deal with lately, so I only manage to get the time to tell you about it today, the last day.

I will be showing my top picks from the event, as there was just so much, I could not cover it all for you.

All items in the event are priced from L$0 to L$10.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-June 6th-Retro Swap-1

There happens to be a lot of male items out for grabs this time around. I'm not sure if it's due to a smaller group of designers, so there wasn't an overload of female items, or just the designers themselves finally giving the men some love!

Skin - EnvyMe - Ricky Tan in Locked - L$100 Deal
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Allegory in Tango Tipped - Not Free
Shirt - SD Wears - Bygone Shirt in Red - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Lip Ring - [ skream! ] Confession piercing - NLA
Necklace - The Little Bat - Retro Munster Necklace - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Glasses - /artilleri/ - Clubmaster Sunglasses - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-June 6th-Retro Swap-2

There was so much to choose from, so it was hard to narrow my picks down, but this was the female outfit I made up.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-June 6th-Retro Swap-3

Closeup of other offers. Skin Addition Showcase is going on right now, many awesome skin designers all gathered on one sim, offering yo a new skin just for this event. More than a few have free items, which you will either have to wear the Skin Addition Group Tag and click, or purchase as normal.

Skin - [HUIT] - Skin Gift with cleavage - Skin Addiction Showcase Gift (Group Tag needed)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Ruina V2 in Clay - Not Free
Eyes - By Snow - Fresh Mesh Eyes in Mushroom - FREE (Marketplace)
Lashes - ploom -  Lashes 2 - Skin Addiction Showcase Gift (Group Tag needed)
Makeup - M.O.C.K. - Watermelon Lipshine [lip 1] - FREE (Group Gift - Join Fee)
Nails - [theSkinnery] - Pink Flower Nail Art - Skin Addiction Showcase Gift (Group Tag needed)
Necklace - dirty.little.secret - washer necklace short in d.l.s. version - FREE (Instore Gift)
Jacket - Unique Clothing - Leather Jacket in Red/Brown - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Shirt - /artilleri/ - Micha Top in Yellow/Pink - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Belt - Curious Kitties - Simple Brown Belt(tinted by me to match) - FREE (Marketplace)
Pants - Gigi Couture - Black Slit Tights(tinted by me to match) - L$1 (Marketplace)
Shoes - Rosy Mood - Charm Pumps - Skin Addiction Showcase Gift

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-June 6th-Retro Swap-4

There was lots of footwear to choose from, these were my favourites. My house gremlins ate all the lefties(there was too many prims).

Full Boot - Battle Fairy - Daisy Wedge Boots - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Ankle Boot - Malfean Visions - Don't step on my in Green - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Quilted Boot - Battle Fairy - Nana's ankle boots in Quilted Star - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Rug - Lil Things - Blue Rug - L$1 (Marketplace)

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-June 6th-Retro Swap-5

Jewelry - N@N@'s - Lidia and Nectar Sets(Sold separately) - Retro Swap Meet Item (L$10)
Table - {What Next} - Eco-Chic Table - L$10 (Marketplace)

P.S. Sorry I wasn't my normal chatty self, wanted to get this out so you had time to do some shopping.