Tuesday, 26 June 2012

FD Decor Birthday Hunt!

It's Fallacy DeCuir's RL Birthday and the presents are for you.  She has hidden 10 little presents throughout her store, FD Decor.  The items are free and the hunt runs through Saturday.  The items include cute decorative items, big and small, but all tip-top quality.

One of the items is a complete office set. I love the window blinds and the fan.  Some of the items are modifiable, such as the blinds, if you wished to change textures.  All items in the hunt are copyable, though the box they come in is not.  Make sure you look around the store for the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Manias.  Fallacy has permanently reduced her prices on her items so there are good deals to be had.
You will be looking for 10 of these gift boxes in the store.  They are rather small but very colorful making this a very enjoyable hunt with adorable items.  I hope you enjoy!