Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I am generally fascinated about Japanese culture. I've never had a chance to visit Japan tho. But give me some time...;) In a meantime I decided to become Japanese for a day in second life. I think the result is pretty good. All items you see in the pics cost 0 or 1L$. Not bad huh?:)

γ˜γ‚ƒγΎγŸ :)


Hair - [e], say, fatpack, marketplace, 0L$
Kimono -  Curious Kitties, marketplace, 0L$
Flip Flops - +9 products, Flip Flops, marketplace, 0L$
Meditation Set (wooden screen, pillow, candles) - PBK, apple spice, marketplace, 1L$
Florish screen, Lamp - SZ, Shoji Screen, Lamp, marketplace, 1L$
Fan - Maeven Designs, Year of the dragon fan, marketplace, 0L$
Chopstics - Satu Moreau, Chopstics, marketplace, 0L$