Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I Wanna Do Bad Things But Stay Comfy :P

I almost have my issues with rezzing and stuff figured out so I wanted to share some good stuff real quick with my lady avatar.  First off, Plausible Body is a store I have heard of but never been to.  I went finally and discovered lots of cute things, all of them set as pay-what-you-want.  What P.W.Y.W. means is that you decide what the items are worth to you, what you are willing to pay, what you have available to you.  Say you have a newbie friend who has very few Lindens or you are on an extremely strict budget; you could go to Plausible Body and pay a small amount.  Say you have a good budget and you love the items; you can go and pay the suggested price on the vendor photo or even higher.  I'm on the strict budget end right now so I wasn't able to pay a ton but I plan on paying a bunch on my next visit once I make some more Ls.  What you do is click the vendors and you'll receive the items, often in several colors.  Then you go to the pay box in the center of the store and pay what you can.  It's a great concept and I sincerely hope people don't take advantage of it in a negative way.
plausible body_002
OK that was a lot of chatting, sorry. xD  I wanted to mention my cute shirt above.  I am super addicted to True Blood so when I saw this Do Bad Things shirt from Sn@tch for only 75L, which includes a whole bunch of other shirts too, I had to grab it as fast as I could.  I paired it with this completely fresh and innocent looking skin from the M.O.C.K. Cosmetics group gift for a bit of contrast.  I added some not free colorful tattoo makeup (not free) from Miss Shippe's, a 10L open mouth alpha from Adore&Abhor, and a side pony style (not free) from Alice Project, and a friendly pose above from Status to make it even more innocent seeming.  My eyes are one of three colors you can find as a subscriber gift from Skin Within.
plausible body_005
Skin: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, group gift (250L join fee)
Eyes: Skin Within, subscriber gift, includes three colors
Shorts, Stockings, Shoes: Plausible Body, pay what you want items
Shirt: Sn@tch, 75L (part of a set)
Open Mouth and Gap Teeth: Adore&Abhor, 10L (part of a set)
Pose: Status
Hair: Alice Project
Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio (part of a set.  Can't currently find the new main store info. since the Lloyd sim is closing but her Marketplace account for other items is HERE and I will try to find the info. on this makeup and update this.)