Friday, 4 May 2012


***WARNING - This is a Petites Post, you must own a Yabusuka Petite Avatar to wear these items***

When I got wind that our wonderful FreeStyle sponser, Ghanima of BlueBlood Fame, had made a offer for petites, I ran on down to pick it up before I forgot. I tend to do that a lot when I'm in design mode, so it was a good thing. I bumped into my buddy Mina while there( she is the most awesome lil petite ever) and then Ghanima came to hang with us a wee bit.

Petites of the SL world, a little birdy told me that Ghanima has plans to take each one of her designs, make it soaking wet, throw it in the dryer for ten hours, and then bring out the massively shrunken goods. Rejoice! or go Emo, whatever you decide is fine by me!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-May 4th-CheckMate

I'm not sure how long this offer is for, so if you like to be a wee lil thing from time to time like me, or are a fulltime petite, you best head on down to BlueBlood as soon as possible.

Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc. - Royale in Translucent tone/Corruption Makeup - Not Free
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Sprung in Darknight - Not Free
Eyes - EarthStones - Eye of the World - NLA (They have other Petites Eyes tho)
Outfit - BlueBlood - Nevermore Outfit - L$1 (Instore Promo)
Jewelry - Sax Shepherd Designs - Harmony Necklace in Gothic Blood - Not Free