Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lace and Flowers

The following items are for charity and NOT free; however, I feel featuring them here will get some good exposure for the Wear Gray For a Day charity event.  The event is one of the small few that are proven to be legitimate, with approval from the charity itself and proof of such.  This shirt is part of an outfit from Eclectic Firefly and is a 100% charity donation item.  It also comes with gray pants!  The skirt is from Agnes Finney and is also a charity donation item.  I love how wonderfully realistic the flower pattern is.
Lace and Flowers
Please see the Wear Gray blog HERE for more information on this event, which benefits the American Brain Tumor Association.  Look HERE for more information on the ABTA.
Shirt (also comes with pants): Eclectic Firefly @ Wear Gray, 150L 100% charity donation item
Skirt: Agnes Finney @ Wear Gray, 250L 100% charity donation item
Necklace: Lolapop!
Skin: Adam N Eve
Hair: Fashionably Dead