Saturday, 14 April 2012



skin; revenge | 0L | here.
necklace; purple moon | subscribo jewelry set, with earrings & ring | here. ( i don't know if you can get it from history or not.
top; c'est la vie | group gift | free to join, here. also, here by Weronika Pobieski. :P
skirt; humming | luckyboard | 1min per letter wait, here.
bag; bella's lullably group gift | Bella's Lullaby | free to join, here.
sandals; babouche | 0L | here. 3 styles included.

not free 
hair; lamb, Lamb Bellic.
headband; the plank, Aeon Perian.
undershirt; kyoot, Saeya Nyanda. | collabor88 April.
cig; the sea hole, Drinkinstein Sorbet. | collabor88 April.
leggings; revenge, Janie Smit.

ily buhbye!