Monday, 5 March 2012

Virtually Grotesque

Yay! Moar stoofs!
Virtual Insanity Bday hunt
Virtual Insanity is a brand that seems to be multiplying in my inventory O.o And guess what? There's a 3rd birthday celebration going on there right now till the 9th. Congrats! There's a mini hunt around the store, and some lovely sales. The hunt items range from jewelry to makeups and nails! Go go go!
[Beautifully Grotesque] New Tatts
My dear heart nephania rubanis's talents never cease to amaze me. Check out her new releases from [Beautifully Grotesque] , these brilliant reptile scales (left) and mermaid scales tattoos. The packs come in a ton of colours and options to wear face only, body only or full. I'm digging these big time right now.
Bina BB hunt gift
BINA is taking part in the Beauty and the Beast hunt! The face tatt and necklace are part of the hunt gift. There are also some sessy matching armbands in the set. Your wardrobe is not complete without something with teeth that goes around your neck. >:>

Hope you liked the post!
Luffs n Sticky Stuffs

Hair - Raw House
Skin - al Vulo!
Accessories - Virtal Insanity - 3rd Birthday Celebration Mini Hunt
Hair - [the oBscene]
Skin - Cupcakes
Tatts - [Beautifully Grotesque]
Tribal Face Tatt and Necklace - BINA - Beauty and the Beast Hunt
Skin - Couldn't find the store. :(