Sunday, 18 December 2011


Here are a few fantastic group gifts to get you in the holiday mood.

Group Gift Outfit

Chain and Vine is giving away this gorgeous high waisted skirt and matching cardigan. Check group notices. Some cute and reasonably priced stuff at this shop so make sure to drop by and check them out.
  Group Gift Tinsel Stilettos

Purrfect 10 is giving away these silver tinsel stilettos called 'Ice Queen' to their regular group members (free to join). Grab them instore. Ten Dexler from Purrfect 10 has also created something called the 'Skin Bible' which basically has  RGB values from all of the major skin designers in SL, a HUGE undertaking. What this means is, you'll be able to go down the list, find the name of the skin you are wearing, and copy the numbers in to local chat for a perfect (or Purrfect) match. This is only setup to work with P10 shoes. Find it with all of the P10 gifts and regular designs. Thanks Ten!

Style Notes
Hair: Fashionably Dead (new!)
Skin: Curio
Headpiece: Sange Noir