Monday, 10 October 2011

A Whole New Girl

She was always a little bit different but after last night she would never be the same.
 A Whole New Girl
Vampire Doll Avatar: Esuga @ the FTLO Hunt (was actually a male av but I altered the shape and with clothes on who can tell?  Buy the big bat after you get to the main area after the blank room with the tv and you'll get the hunt information with an LM to the hunt.)
Shirt: Somnia @ 4.44.444, 44L for multiple colors
Necklace: Lolapop! @ 4.44.444, 4L
Hair: Ploom
Tights: Blue Blood
Skirt: Beetlebones @ 4.44.444, 44L (mesh)
Cleavage Layer: Ayumi