Saturday, 18 June 2011

TWO! TWO! Two Posts in One!

I did some pics on my alt and on my main and I figured I might as well do 'em together! First up, some group only things, including a fun blue hair that's perfect for Bubblegum Weekends!
Next on my main av a group gift, a hunt gift, and a dollarbie! I tell ya, Mother Goose's never fails to impress.
Sailor Style Shirt: S@bbia, group gift
Shorts: Awram-Viie, gift in notices (it comes with prim parts on the bottom but I am not wearing them here.)
Hair in First Pic: Slow Kitchen, lucky board prize (group only)
Skin in First Pic.: My UglyDorothy, group only lucky board prize
Camo Bodysuit and Skirt: Shine, group gift
Skin in Second Pic.: Mother Goose's, 1L
Hair w/Hat: Loq, hunt gift (I tinted it darker to better match the skirt. It looks a lot better in person, I am still having trouble with getting pictures right on this third party viewer but I can't stop my blogging addiction! xD)
Skull/Ribbon Hair Attachment (worn on hat): Lolapop!, 1L grand opening gift