Wednesday, 18 May 2011

SZD Group Gifts & More

SZD final

Hi everyone, my name is Bouncer Criss. I'm the new guy with Free*Style, and honored to be selected to help blog. My style is, well..... I don't really have a certain style. My comfort zone is shorts and a tank, but thanks to blogging, I'm able to come out of that comfort zone and try and get creative. I hope to contribute often, and hope you find my posts useful in finding some great freebies and cheapie's around the grid.

I have a few outfits from SZD Fashion, that i've purchased from the marketplace. It wasn't until today that I headed to their main store in-world. The have 4 midnight mania boards (both male and female), and while looking around they have two great group gifts. The shorts and sunglasses (6 colors free) are both current group gifts. The SZD group is free to join. I tossed in the Arnadi hoodie (free) from the Surf'n Skate Hunt, and some shoes I purchased from Action. You get a great casual outfit for sporting around the house, our to the club.

Skin: Belleza - Shawn
Shape: Maverick Designs- Trick
Hair: NSD - Clarkson
Eyes: LAQ - Dazzling Blue
Shorts: SZD Fashion - blue & black (free group gift)
Hoodie: Arnadi - Hoodie from Surf'n Skate Hunt
Shoes: Action - Skate Shoes Red
Piercing: [-iPoke-] - Seppy
Glasses: SZD Fashion - free group gift (6 colors)
Ear Plugs: HaVok - Monotone Gauge Pack - Black