Sunday, 29 May 2011




The most amazing fatpack of hair from VIVE NINE. Lovelove love this gift from Vive Nine in a ton of gorgeous dyed tones. I took all of my alts there!
willow shirt, 25L, discounted. I got this a long time ago and it's now at a heavily discounted price. It's one of my favorite shirts and I wear it all the time! Check out the discounted area upstairs at willow, so much good stuff.
yummy rings, 30L per play at the gacha
Cheap Makeup tattoo headdress, love. *update your LMs for the new location! old 50L Friday item, it used to be still available though, maybe you can check with her if you want to buy it :D
skin: Mother Goose's Loa skin, sooo pretty. A ton of skins in the lucky board!
shorts: Leezu
tattoos: actchio

Hair from silenced, two hunt gifts with hair+full outfits in them. Look for the donut and the teapot!
skirt: Tomoto lucky board, group only, stalked this for ages. Comes with an adorable ribbon belt!
"frosted cake" floral corset: one of my favorite items from Sn@tch, ever. So happy seeing that Ivey is making a great variety of items lately!
skin: Mother Goose's Chiaki skin