Thursday, 12 May 2011


Greetings to all...this is my first post to Free*Style! I am not a very chatty blogger, and likely will post only the items and SLURLs of interest with very little commentary. Getting to the point...Constantine, aka Hellblazer is here to haunt the dark city streets.



Skin--LaVie Gabriel Group Gift light beard (LaVie Skins & Shapes group gift in store, 300L member join fee)

Eyes--Ibanez Eyes - Signature - Aegean (Ibanez Creations group gift in notices)

Facial tattoo--A:S:S - Goth makeup - 04 (20L in store)

Coat--sf design galiant leather coat mens (free for the month of May)

Gloves--MORTALITY BIKER GLOVES (10L in store)

Cigarette--Moq Design Cigarette (20L marketplace item)

Poses: Posies group gift in store 200L member join fee
POSIES ANTM C16 Alexandria 5
POSIES ANTM C16 Brittani 6 Tall

Past offers:
Shirt/Tie--Pig - The Sipowicz (past hunt item, other gifts available in store)

Boots--[ hoorenbeek ] Hustin Boots (subo gifts availale in store)

Hair-->TRUTH< Peta - sand
Pants--Poison Black leather_pants

Posted by Abra Zelin