Thursday, 28 April 2011

Are You the Next Male Free*Style Blogger?

Free*Style is currently looking for the next great male blogger! We would love to have a great man to scope out the best freebies, cheapies and sales in SL here with us.

The requirements are as follows:
-Must take high quality photos. We are an established blog and and are looking for someone who is already at a talent level that can easily fit in with our current bloggers.
-Must have a Flickr account or be willing to make one.
-Must be available to blog frequently. Of course we don't expect you to blog everyday but there are massive amounts of male items to showcase and we would love to see as many as possible.
-Must have good style! We want someone who is not only able to find items but to find GOOD items and to wear them well.
-No drama! This is not a drama blog. Comments are turned off and we do NOT post anything negative.
-We NEVER support stolen or shady content. If you don't know for 100% that it's legit, don't post it.
-You must have two group slots open for us.

Extra Notes:
-You do not have to be a man in RL or even play a male av all of the time. All that matters is that you know how to look like a man and style a man av well.
-We reserve the right to choose more than one blogger or to choose no one at all. We are all friends and we all get along so someone who fits in personality wise is just as important as someone who fits in style wise.
-There is no pay for this! We do it out of the love for blogging, sharing finds to help people and to get designers we love noticed.
-We will accept people from any country, who speak any language, as long as you can speak enough English to post and to read group notices. We love and welcome diversity!
-You DO NOT have to blog exclusively for Free*Style. You are free to have your own blog, most of us do! Your other blog/blogs with be linked on the side bar under "Our Blogger's Blogs."
-We get thousands of readers everyday so remember that everything you post WILL be read. We love being silly but things should be at least semi-appropriate.

If you feel you fit these requirements please post a picture in the Free*Style Flick group HERE titled "Blogger Application: (Your Name.)" In the description you can write anything you feel we should know including past and present blogging or photography experience, if you own or work for a store currently, if you know any of the current bloggers, etc.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!!