Wednesday, 20 April 2011

420: Everybody Must Get Stoned

Waldos from all points of the globe are gathering today to consume the celebrated herb. For the unenlightened, 420 is a term that harkens way back to the 1971 (google it) by some people that are old now.  SL, being in all points of the globe at once.. is it?...yeah... I celebrating today with start of The Stash Bash.  How do we celebrate in SL? Well, you know...with a party and a hunt (bonus).  Read on, good reader, for pretty pictures and details.  The hunt DOES NOT start until after 4:20 PM so if you go early some things may not be ready! Wipe those tears from your eyes.

The hunt kicks off with a party at Mudhoney at 4:00 pm (though you know half of them will be late, cuz, you know) with dancing and much happiness and good energy (munchies?).  Mudhoney is also the starting point for the hunt where you will be searching for bags of weed hidden in participating stores.  The hunt is a small one but those participating are prime and the goods can't be missed.  Neither the cops nor your mom will bust you for this one. 

Much coveted will be the Hookah Hangout Skybox from The Sea Hole.  Do yourself a favor and pick up two because 1) it's fantastic and 2) its no copy and should be rezzed in build mode, so if you are high and mess it up you won't be bummed when you don't have another copy.  While you are there, don't forget there are 2 prizes.  Oh man, I forgot to take a photo of the outfit. 

Sn@tch has a flipping fantastic Hippie Chick outfit in the hunt that comes with 2 different tank tops, a belly ringy and fab backpack.  I paired it with Ripe's Ganja Luv'in jewelry that includes a set for the guys, too.  Hempy Weezles of Ripe played a major role in organizing this hunt so give her the peace sign when you see her about. 
So Many Styles is offering a lacy blouse in green (duh). Look closely at the lace on top for the subliminal message.  
Blue Blood is offering the sexeh Adele lingerie in green. What was I looking for? 
No amount of Visine (or better yet, Opcon) is going to clear these eyes from doremi.  The lovely eyeshadow is also a prize from doremi. I love the horn earrings from Adore & Abhor.  Luckily for me Ducknipple's rocking necklace with handy pipe can also be copped and good to have if you left your steamroller under the driver's seat of your car. 

There are a ton more prizes. My pal, Jacqui Pobieski, blogged some other things on our blog, Crybaby, if you want more peaks.  There is a house from MiaSnow, poses from City of Dis, an awesome balloon from Tehro, more great clothes, etc.  Don't forget about this!

Other Credits:
All Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Curio: Pout-Tantrum at Project Fur

oh man... did I hear someone at the door?