Saturday, 22 January 2011

pied-a-terre skybox



hi guys! just a super speedy post cos i'm exhausted for some reason..

has a beautiful skybox out for this month's Spruce Up Your Space! It's a discount event by really good furniture stores - they put out a special item at a very low price just for that weekend. Check out the demo at SPRY, also take a look at Stacie's post about her item for more photos! It's 139 prims, comes with a fireplace(optional) and is just 150L this weekend, more than half off the normal price.

SPRY skyboxes have a lot of originality - Stacie is quite a home decorating fanatic, so she's seen quite a lot of skyboxes herself. Each room has something a little special about it, be it a particularly carved mantelpiece, little symmetrical windows or even a special kind of tile right in the middle of the skybox.

I happened to go to theosophy to gobble up some lovely things so I used them! Theosophy also has a chair out for the seasons' hunt, look for the snowman. He's having fun in the sun (that's my half-baked clue for you) It's not a great clue, but it's not a hard item hahah. Also showing some other items from other furniture stores from the Seasons hunt! THANK YOU HALLIE GALLI GUNT for organizing! must-do hunt of every season.

SPRY pied-a-terre skybox, 150L just for this weekend's SUYS event! demo here!
theosophy green tea latte: on chair
chair: seasons hunt gift from theosophy
lights and boots: from theosophy, pretty cheap around 100L and copiable, boots are only 4 prims (must-get! such low prims! I'm obsessed :/ )

daybed/chair with animations: art dummy, gift for seasons hunt (hint: err... look around doorways? there are a lot of doorways D: )
butterdish star wreath, comes with a window seat and another chair, gift for seasons hunt (note that the TP to the place leads you to the same sim as Valiant, the gift is super near the TP point, just look around)
table+mat: gift from seasons hunt from north west