Tuesday, 11 January 2011

grindstone 50%off sale and gifts!



Grindstone has a New Year's 50% off storewide sale until Jan 14th, just three more days, so hurry! I took the opportunity to gobble up most of the store because I've admired the store a few times ever since Lili Brink blogged it on Brinksie.com's furniture feed. In the past, the bibliphile bookcase was in two of my homes for quite a few months cos it's really such a statement piece. Plus I always wanted the Thetis octopus chandelier with each tentacle curled around a candle and shells, but could never decide on the color.

I think the thing about Grindstone is that Thaumata makes really beautiful and distinctly unique pieces, who could think of an octopus chandelier carrying candles! Really realistic. Also a hunt gift and two freebies instore, so pick those up!

TP to Grindstone!

I have to mention my ARIA bed as well, jumping on it makes me happy! I just took these pictures at my place.

wooden glass frame thingy in background: Art Dummy, just 15L, put it anywhere and it looks amazing
bibliophile book shelf with letters: grindstone, now only 75L, I bought it for 150L! Was still cheap and high-quality.
bed with wooden driftwood platform: ARIA, love! Jumping animation in the bed. I LOVE TO JUMP on ARIA'S beds!
matryoshka dolls, you can click on them and they appear from one doll to five dolls! So adorable. Damnit I bought these before the sale. Shit I love grindstone. BTW I stretched them because I want them big!
kitchen jar things: super realistic/baked, from grindstone
little houses ornament, 0L from grindstone, on the table
globe bowl(bowl with globe pattern) 1L from grindstone
book stack, 2 prims from ARIA
lamp: (creator:Trace Osterham) Theosophy. super old and treasured subscribo gift(see you should go subscribe! Because you can't retrieve gifts so just get on the list in case!)

Grindstone's Thetis lamp, octopus chandelier. Color shown is not available in store.
Grindstone chairs: gobbled these up from the sale! Lovelove the red one especially, check out the demo instore. A ton of poses in them!
Crates with draped netting and message in a bottle, hunt gift from Grindstone. Click the anchor near the Thetis lamps. You can't miss the anchor, it's bigger than I am haha.
green sculpted rug, only 15L or something, grindstone

uhh the clothes are from Emery at the dressing room blue, only 60-70L I think. Includes the best belt. ripped leggings are an old group gift from Sweetest Goodbye. Shoes from ANEXX!