Tuesday, 30 November 2010

We Need A Fashion Rehab!

Fashion Rehabilitaton Poster

Fashion Rehabilitaton - Hannah Pose collection

TP to [doll.]™ Mainstore!
$20L single pose TRANSFERRABLE!

Step ONE: You gain some lindens via work or CC.
Step TWO: You go to the internet and scope out some blogs.
Step THREE: You TP to a few stores.
Step FOUR: You are now BROKE.

Guess what? You need fashion rehab. And what is the best way to fix this? Well iSL? Take time off to buy something cheap!

Fashion Rehabilitation is a monthly, month long event. Each month, there will be a theme, and on the first of each month, the designers will put out one or more items that go with the theme on SALE until the end of the month, and so on and so forth. These items may be exclusive or available after the event, but will no longer be on sale!

The items are transferrable so you can gift your friends too!
I am putting this exclusive Hannah Pose Collection for this event, at $50L! So come round to my store and try the poses!

The event starts from 1st December!

TP to [doll.]™ Mainstore!

Suri x