Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I Love Purple Too!

I was at MIAO yesterday looking for something else, and there was this big purple heart. And it had clothes in it. And I was like OHAI free clothes.
So I thought I'd share.
And while I was putzing around wondering what to wear with these really cute seperates I stumbled into Frick and she is having a rezz day sale - free skins (below) with a tattoo layer and a free corset. Awesome!

And why am I using a daisy border? Because I'm sick of turkeys. I'm ready to eat turkey. Tired of looking at happy Tom Turkeys everywhere.

What is it and Where to Get it?
  • First Pic Top And Slacks - MIAO for the I LOVE PURPLE Hunt Thing Whatever it is. Look for the big purple heart. I should probably have more information about this but you know how I am. FREE
  • Skins and Corset - Frick - RezzDay Gift out at Entrance FREE
  • Hair - Clawtooth - Not new but still there FREE
  • Eyes - Poetic Color - FREE
OOOO I almost forgot. If you like what you see at MIAO - there is a chance to win a $L1500 GC to the store - just click over here and play WTF Weds! The prize anti was recently upped to include and additional 500L to the winner, plus everyone who guesses gets a pose set from GESTICULATE! Have Fun!