Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sittin' pumpkiny

Mmm, smoke!

Hello, I'm Acha from www.achariya.net. I bring you two awesome free things for Halloween! First, that pumpkin I'm sitting on and the cigarette holder I'm contemplating -- those are update group gifts as part of the "Smokin' Halloween" pose set from Chanimations (they will also be in the lucky chair shortly). Pick them up through the Chanimations update group! (SLURL to Chanimations)

Second, my skin and ears are free from the new Curious Kitties: Fantasy Fuzz build! The skin is in a pack with a ton of other skin tones, and the leaves are beautifully painted onto it. The ears have little leaf earrings, and come with a skintone changing hud. (SLURL to CK: Fantasy Fuzz)

Free Curious Kitties skin & ears!

Chanimations freebie pumpkin!

***Skin: Curious Kitties Azil Peach Skin - Autumn Spirit (SLURL to CK: Fantasy Fuzz)
***Ears: Curious Kitties Autumn Elf Ear with skin color changing hud (SLURL to CK: Fantasy Fuzz)
***Pumpkin seat and cigarette holder with poses: Chanimations - A smokin' Halloween! (SLURL to Chanimations)
***Hair: Used to be free, the Ohmai gift for the Seasons hunt.

Not free:
***Shirt: Blue Blood Kaoru Set in Ocre, WG (SLURL to Blue Blood)
***Boots: Gos Posh Bootie - Autumn Trio (SLURL to Gos)
***Jeans: Scribble Jeans (drops) scrunched (SLURL to Scribble)
***The floor leaves and photo backdrop are very very cheap at the iTuTu October Festival. (SLURL to iTuTu), some free items here too!