Thursday, 21 October 2010

readyset glo.




loool a bit over-excited with the light streaks.

anyways exciting things! dekade is having a final skin sale. ALL SKINS ARE 300L. I've been waiting to get dekade skins for ages! FATPACKS ARE 600L. I bought the Claire fatpack in sunkissed! She's really really beautiful. Also, all skins come with about 6 different tattoo lipstick layers for those who love their lipsticks! Super worth it. Also cleavage layers and an option to cover up the massive moles haha (I covered it immediately). If you loved the Brooke skin from dekade that was in the dressing room previously, or the dekade group gift skins, please go demo dekade skins! I zoomed there upon getting the exciting notice! AND she released claire which I was quite excited for because the last time I was at dekade, I only saw the preview ad, which looked all exotic. I also really loved IMAN but I have to think about her a bit more! SO HAPPY I GOT CLAIRE!

albero autumn gachafest by superwoman barb! goodbye money! I had to be very controlled, so, so far I have only thrown lots of money at the cheap makeup gatcha machine and the ingenue gacha. and I bought two of ashe anthony's extras from the F.I.R. gatcha cardigans machine. They are only 50L a play and perfectly sculpted. I'm wearing plum! and I played for the modd.g floral clutch in pink which I'm very happy about.(40L, with holding pose) today is a happy day.

**AND I just got a notice from shade throne, Undo has put out another gimme 40 item. 40L for a pretty amazing necklace!

skin: claire from dekade, in sunkissed. love all the makeups! LOVE!!! 600L for fatpack, 300L for single skins.
cardigan in plum: F.I.R. gacha here!
modd.g floral clutch: gacha machine here!
skream: verdomme top. new release
skirt: GATO
hair: shag
eyeliner: actchio.
necklace: gala necklace in turquoise, 40L from shade throne for the gimme 40 event. look around the store for the vendor and buy the necklace. I just got the notice in the middle of writing this post, so I didn't manage to include it in the pictures :) no photoshop done to that picture/no shadows used, the baked shadow on the turquoise is part of the necklace itself. beautiful.

poses: marukin
location: pixel hills!