Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Poor Little Match Girl

I've picked up so many freebies lately that I don't even know where to start.  So instead of showing you things that have probably already been blogged by many other "freebie" blogs, I want to show you a fantastic cheapie.  RibboN has been knocking out the most fantastic inexpensive items lately and this dress was released today.  The ReToRo Blouse comes in 3 different textures.  The others are pretty florals but I was all over the newsprint version.  Best of all it is only 35 L.  Bang up bargain for something this cute and funky.
Dress: *RibboN*: ReToRo Blouse: 35 L
Boots: J's: Thigh-High Boots - short version: not free but worth every penny
Earrings: Deco: Triple Skull Earrings: not free but my all time favorite earrings ever
Hair: kik: mode-atmos A: not free
Skin: Atomic: Audri Vixen 2: not free