Monday, 18 October 2010

Haven Designs: Trick or Treat!

I hopped over to Haven Designs as soon as I received the notice from Delora Starbrook that she had placed a new item in her lucky chair.  It's the cutest Halloween themed camisk.  It comes as a jacket layer and  is easily worn as a cute top for those of you that aren't into slave gear or just aren't in the mood to have your special place exposed at that very moment.  I love the candy corn texture accented by the golden top.  I'm not huge into holiday themed clothing so the subtlety of the pattern appeals to me.  I paired it with some delicious leather pants from Haven so you can see how easily it works with pants.
The collar is from Sacred Roses for Monday Mania.  For only 35 L you get 3 versions of this texture change collar: one is an open collar version, another has all kinds of couples animations built in for spur of the moment sexy times, and the other doesn't have all the bells and whistles but looks just the same. Cupcakes gave their in-world group a new gift today. It's from the new Kawaii skin line and is the popular copper tone with pumpkin pie makeup.  It comes with both a regular and cleavage enhanced version as well as several eyebrow options.  There is a join fee but I've gotten back every little Linden I spent ten-fold. Two posts from me in a day, let alone a week lately, is a rare sighting so now it's time for me to turn into a pumpkin!

Camisk/Top: Haven Designs: Lucky Chair prize
Pants: Haven Designs: Kaimi Leather pants: not free
Collar: Sacred Roses: 35 L for Monday Mania
Bracelets: Bliesen + MaiTai: Rustique Bracelets in Leather: not free (hopefully they have moved from Jewelry Fair to the main store)
Skin: Cupcakes: Kawaii - Copper - Pumpkin Pie: Group Gift (100 L join free)
Hair: Truth: Eloise: Almond: not free