Sunday, 3 October 2010

Get to Your Secret Hideout, They're Coming!

Hay, HAY, Hay,
Gehenna and Cstar
Found some scary sweets from the Hunt of The Living Dead. Yeah! The matching outfits in this picture are the gift from ::Gehenna:: . And the always NEVER fail Cstar skins sent out these amazing skins to their sub-o members! Neezy's hair is one of the recent group gifts from Lelutka!
~The Secret Hideout~ SL H&G Center
I wanted to show you this adorable skybox from ~The Secret Hideout~. It's not free but super cheap for 100L. It's 43 prims. I love the texturing and the big windows. Scroll to the credits section to get the links to find it.I also picked up a few cute free gifts to put in this skybox from the SL House & Garden Center. LOL if you see my awesome drawing skills I drew pink arrows pointing to the free stuff. Sadly I did not do them justice, but trust me they're awesome and there are lot's of other goods to pick up! The barrel filled with flowers is the gift from Bang Bang and the GORGEOUS autumn's chair is from {what next}.
Love Zombie Grp Gift
While I was hunting I landed in a really cute little store called Love Zombie. I like this hip tattoo it's so colorful and cute! And no the pink circle is not part of the gift, I'm yet again gracing you with my amazing artiste skills. xD
MIASNOW and Rotten Defiance
Aaaaaahhhhhhhh MIASNOW hunt gift for both genders!! Two skins and two eyes pictured here are the gifts from The Hunt of The Living Dead. How generous is she to put these out for the season! <3 Woot more his and hers stuffies from this hunt. The outfits are from *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* . *Note* No zombies were harmed during the shoot. These two were pretty well behaved, I guess they were models prior? Ok, crawling back under the cheezy, dork rock now.
Picture 1
Outfits - ::Gehenna:: - Hunt of The Living Dead Gift
Skins - Cstar - Join the subscribo - It's number 1 in the history.
Hair Him - Lelutka Group Gift - Join & check notices.
Not Free
Hair Her - Tukinowaguma
Picture 2
Skybox - ~The Secret Hideout~ Feathered Skybox - Not Free but awesome. Available HERE and HERE.
Chair - {what next} - Free gift for the SL House & Garden Sim
Barrel - Bang Bang - Free Gift for the SL House & Garden Sim
Picture 3
Tattoo - Love Zombie Group Gift - Join and click the board.
Picture 4
Outfits - *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* - Hunt of the Living Dead Gift
Skins/Eyes - MIASNOW - Hunt of the Living Dead Gift
Not Free
Hair on Both - AITUI.