Wednesday, 20 October 2010

geoplanes and jewellery








rbcg has this geoplanes outfit out, including the sculpted paper plane. it's an old freebie, but I really love it and wear it around pretty often. rbcg has more cropped tees for around 60L, cheap! sorry about the picture overload, the third picture was because i saw a cool-looking dude smoking and leaning on a lamp post, so i copied him LOL. I went and inspected his cigarette and he was wearing MStyle nails (they come with cigarette animation, among others) so I cleverly took mine out and copied his smoking hahah.

Ticky Tacky has the Ludlow jewellery set out for SNF, they are 40L per piece and 110 for the entire set of bracelets, necklace and earrings. Two metal options to choose from! I'm also showing the hunter jewellery set cos I looove that ticky tacky makes kinda hippie jewellery sometimes and these feathers are pretty awesome. erk and I went and played the gacha and got way too many spiked earrings when all I really wanted was the spiked gold bracelet haha. It is only 15L per play and I finally managed to get the spiked gold bracelet! anyone wanna trade spiked earrings (I have all the colors and extras) for the spiked silver bracelet? :)

GATO has a re-opening freebie out, an ikea dress. also showing my favorite paisley pants from GATO! They are only 90L. I hope she makes floral versions, heh.
Willow has a floral bra out as a freebie.. Ahh. I tried to buy a floral bra from the topshop sale in rl because i love the willow bra, but it was size 14 and too big haha. so i'll be content with the SL version! :)

rbcg geoplanes outfit, gift at counter.
big top bangles from *BOOM*, was an item at Le Cirque, not sure if it's still available but they are my favorite.
eyeliner: actchio. haven't worn this in awhile!
lipgloss in color #6: cheap makeup, I really wanted a super vibrant lip. check out the before after below! cheap at 140L for the fatpack of 6 lip colors.
nails: love soul strawberry nails
nails in third photo: MStyle, not free, comes with cigarette and smoking animation (also 2 other animations)

jewellery: hunter jewellery set from Ticky Tacky
floral bra top, gift from willow
gato paisley harem pants: 90L
flats: tee*fy looove the color.

ikea dress: re-opening gift from GATO, on counter. thank you Lalu! :)
ludlow jewellery set, limited time offer, 40L per piece at ticky tacky. 110L for whole set!
ring+nails(included with nails, option to wear with/without rings and change individual nail colors: Mstyle, not free

** cheap makeup lip color for 35L per color, 140L for fatpack of 6 colors. showing the laq mima skin with lipgloss #6 and without it :)

Poses by marukin!